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For several reasons, the dental implant — an anchor in the jaw for the permanent attachment of crowns, bridges and dentures — has become very popular among both dentists and patients. Implants are an excellent treatment option where natural teeth are missing due to decay or extraction. They can fully restore, and often improve, the function and appearance of teeth for patients who don’t want bridgework or dentures.

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One of the most amazing benefits of dental implants is that they osseointegrate, or bond, with existing bone, mimicking the function of a natural tooth root and locking the crown in place. This means that missing teeth can be replaced without having to crown adjacent healthy natural teeth. With such firm and permanent support, you’ll be able to chew and speak with full confidence, utterly free of pain. Implants can also prevent the progressive bone loss that can occur when missing teeth are not replaced, but patients are often most impressed with their new, natural-looking and beautiful smiles.

Tavormina Dentistry is one of the few practices nationwide that provides all implant services from the initial implant placement to the final crown finishing, and our patients appreciate the convenience, comfort and savings of treatment at our Millburn-Short Hills, New Jersey location.

What Is A Dental Implants Procedure Like?

The first step is the placement of the implant. Under regular dental anesthetic, a small opening is made in the gum tissue, and the metal anchor is implanted into the jawbone. Once solidly placed, the gums are then closed. Finally, a removable crown is usually installed to permit normal chewing and appearance. This initial procedure can take from one to three hours, depending on the number of implants placed. Most of our patients choose to take advantage of oral medication so they can sleep while the implants are placed. This way they don’t remember the procedure, and they report no significant discomfort afterwards. One of our patients even finished some gardening work after having many implants placed that day!

For the next three to six months, new bone will grow around the implant anchor, integrating it into the jaw. Once the osseointegration process is complete, the temporary crown is removed to expose the top of the implant so we can attach an abutment to the tooth to support the permanent crown.

An impression is then taken of the implant abutment and used to craft the final crown. When finished, the crown is precisely and permanently cemented to the abutment and anchor, locking it down and completing the process. The restored tooth will be comfortable, strong and beautiful to behold.


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