Intravenous Sedation

IV sedation dentistry (intravenous sedation) is the most advanced and effective method of conscious sedation used in order to perform dental treatments with patients in a calm and relaxed condition. It is the method of choice for the management of moderate to severe levels of dental anxiety or dental phobia. At Tavormina Dentistry we make this advanced form of sedation dentistry available to our patients with a board certified anesthesiologist.

Intravenous sedation means that the sedative medication is administered directly into the bloodstream using a needle inserted into a vein. This allows the fast onset of sedation. In addition to fast onset, the benefit of IV sedation is that the level of medication can be adjusted during your procedure to ensure maximum comfort. However, the need to use a needle is one of the main concerns against IV sedation especially for needle phobic patients.

Is IV Sedation "Sleep Dentistry"?

IV sedation dentistry is a method of conscious sedation, and should not be confused with “sleep dentistry” which is closer related to general anesthesia (unconscious sedation). With IV sedation dentistry a patient remains conscious during treatment, able to respond to questions or requests from the dentist, but in a totally relaxed state and relieved from any anxieties. People do seem to drift off into sleep, but are responsive. The amnesic effects of the medications give patients the impression that they slept through the procedure even when they have not.

IV sedation makes long or complex procedures seem shorter, allowing you to have all of your work done in a single visit in many cases. As an added precaution, a local anesthetic will be given to the area that is being worked on to ensure that there is no pain. Your heart rate and breathing are monitored very closely while you are being medicated because your safety is our number one concern.

Don't wait any longer to have necessary dental work performed because you are nervous. Ask us at Tavormina Dentistry about IV sedation to see if it is right for you. We have helped patients in Millburn, Short Hills, West Orange, Maplewood, Springfield, Summit and throughout Northern New Jersey, and we’d like the opportunity to make dental health and a beautiful smile be possible for you.

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