Smile Gallery

We have been increasingly asked about cosmetic dentistry, what it involves, and what changes are possible. Each person is unique, of course, but certainly within the broad guidelines of dental procedures, essentially anything you can imagine is possible. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so that’s why we have our smile gallery.

Cosmetic dentistry has moved from the optional treatment it was years ago to the forefront of the profession, for it combines the benefits of aesthetic beauty with, in many cases, a minimal removal of healthy tooth structure. The results are not only dramatic, but also functional and extremely long-lasting. Combined with the technology and artistry of dental implants, the results can be considered miraculous!

To accurately assess your own cosmetic dental concerns ask yourself what you would change if there were no costs, no discomfort, and minimal time requirements. Ask yourself further what benefits you might gain from such an improvement in terms of social, business, and personal comfort. In essentially every instance we have been able to exceed our patients’ expectations.

These dental photos are meant to highlight some of the procedures we provide in our office from whitening and veneers to tooth-color “invisible” fillings, crowns and dental implants. Please, of course, feel free to ask us about the possibilities. We are extremely proud of the services we provide for you. Our services make a difference in peoples’ lives and we welcome you to experience “dental care beyond compare,” and share it with others.

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