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“I just wanted you to know what a great job you did with my teeth. No one noticed unless I have told them. My teeth look so natural. You are the best dentist I have ever gone to and my husband says that I am more beautiful than ever! I don’t even know myself when I look in the mirror – my look has totally changed! Thank you!!!." B. Osbourne

“I just wanted to write this note to let you know how much I have appreciated all the work you have done for me & my entire family over the years. I have known Dr. Vince since he was a little boy & he has never changed with his wonderful, “friendly smile”. He is the best dentist that has ever worked on my teeth & all of my family. You see I was always afraid of any dentist that ever worked on my teeth. I am all grown up now & I am never afraid to sit down in “Dr. Vincent’s”. I needed extended work done on my teeth for my children’s weddings that were exactly almost one(1) year apart. Dr. Vincent came to my rescue. He was always “Kind, Patient, and UNDERSTANDING” in all that he & Dr. Glenda did to “save my teeth”. I thought I would never smile again. Thanks to a “Great Dentist” I can do that! The best to all of you over this holiday season."

Dear Claudia- you are the greatest, kind person too! P.S. Sheri, I just love the smell & taste of those chocolate chip cookies & your great smiles & friendly personality." I am never afraid to sit down in "Dr. Vincent's chair." M. Pereira


“I chose Dr. Tavormina to get my smile back because I am very comfortable with him. He is professional and always takes the time to speak with me. He has been my dentist for 23 years and I have never had pain. Thanks Dr. Tavormina." C. Chavarriaga

Impeccable Advanced Care At One Location

“My regular dentist told me that I needed to have dentures or implants. He recommended that I see Dr. Tavormina to explore implants. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable. They were very thorough. I’m a senior citizen and I travel 45 miles to see Dr. Tavormina because I have confidence in him and, most important, I never experienced any pain. Dr. Tavormina did all the work." S. Mellen

"Vincent and Glenda offer a very high level of service. They are very warm and open about dental options to consider. I find that they are well versed in all areas of dental care and will offer suggestions that show they are knowledgeable by presenting new treatment solutions. Please stop by their office. You will feel right at home being warmed by the fire and good conversations." J. Rosen

Your time

“I traveled more than 30 miles to have my dental implant procedure done by Dr. Tavormina for 3 important reasons:

* I never feel rushed because he always takes the time to explain each procedure. He is full of information.

* I trust him. He is very gentle.

* He has given me a natural smile." B. Cintron

Competence and Skill

“I feel ecstatic about how I look and feel now. I couldn’t have asked for a better dentist. Dr. Tavormina is tops!" D. Williams

“I looked like wolf lady because my tooth kept coming down. A dentist I was going to for 20 years said, 'Don’t worry about it. Maybe we should shave it down'. The tooth was touching my bottom jaw gums. I thought I would need an extraction but Dr. Vincent knew exactly what do. He suggested and I agreed. The dentistry was painless. I am really satisfied. At my family reunion, my cousin was taking pictures and she remarked how sparkling my teeth were and said keep smiling. I certainly love the pampering and my children love the cookies from Tavormina Dentistry. Sheri was very personable and Claudia was a jewel." B. Attles-Dean

"Not only did I have a great medical experience, but I also had a few laughs with the joke of the month. I was thrilled with the service that I received at your office yesterday. I was treated like a member of the family and you helped me understand the nature of my problem. Your professional skills, patience and ability to explain the issue in a manner that even I could understand is very much appreciated." B. Bruce


“I had to have several teeth extracted and I didn’t feel a thing – not even the novocaine – didn’t even take a Tylenol! People couldn’t believe I was in work the next day. Thanks for being so gentle." J. Diaz


“When I visit Tavormina Dentistry I feel like I’m visiting family." T. Markowski