According to recent studies read by your Millburn NJ dentist Dr. Tavormina, researchers have found that patients who have lost all of their teeth are at a much higher risk of death from coronary heart disease compared to patients with all of their teeth. Over 15,000 patients were looked at in this study that showed an association with tooth loss and CHD (coronary heart disease) that was considered the first of its kind.


The study included patients filling out questionnaires about their lifestyle, like if they smoked, how active they were, etc. The number of teeth they had remaining, sex, and medical history were also taken into account. Typically, the patients with the higher level of tooth loss were older females, who were less active, smoked and were more likely to have diabetes, higher blood pressure, and lower education.


After adjustments were made for the pre-existing conditions and economic status, those without teeth had a 27% increased risk of a major cardiovascular event, 85% increase risk of cardiovascular death, 81% increased risk for all-cause death 67% risk of stroke as well. (Source: European Society of Cardiology News, December 21, 2015.)


All of this just goes to show, more and more the importance of your oral health. Links and studies are always being performed showing the above type of correlations, but we would argue, most have never looked as serious as the above.


Make sure to take care of your teeth daily at home, and to visit Tavormina Dentistry regularly to allow us to help you with all of your oral health care. Maintaining your smile can mean saving your life.


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