Why Dental Implants?

Dr. Vincent Tavormina and his team in Millburn have designed this website to help our current and prospective patients learn more about dental implants. The best way to learn whether implants are right for you is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Tavormina. Please contact us today for questions about dental implant cost, bone grafting, and candidacy for dental implants.



Why should you consider dental implants over other tooth-replacement options? Dental implants are the most sustainable method of filling the gaps in your smile, while still looking and feeling just like your real teeth. Dental implants look and function just like your real teeth and require nothing more than a good oral hygiene routine to stay strong for years to come. While most patients prefer teeth that cannot be removed, removable teeth anchored by implants are also available for patients who would like this choice.

The Many Reasons for Dental Implants

Patients seek out Dr. Tavormina for his impressive training and education in dental implants, as well as his caring nature. Dental implants from Dr. Tavormina’s Millburn office are the best way to restore your ability to chew comfortably and enjoy your food again and smile with total freedom.

There are several reasons why dental implants are a fantastic tooth-replacement choice.


Dental implants:

·         Replace missing teeth for total chewing ability.

·         Do not cause damage to surrounding teeth.

·         Alleviate pain in the jaw and remedy bite problems.

·         Let you enjoy eating again.

·         Restore your self-confidence.

·         Improve your chewing and speech.

·         Restore a sunken facial appearance from too much bone loss.

·         Help you look and feel younger.

·         Provide ultimate durability.

·         Provide more convenience and normalcy to your life.

·         Enable you to socialize with confidence.

·         Look and feel like real teeth.


Even though it takes a few months for the dental implant process, patients have confirmed it is well worth the wait. During most of those months, the implants actually fuse with your jawbone, making dental implants the most durable tooth-replacement option. Dental implants have the highest success rate of any other implanted device.


Millburn, New Jersey Dental Implant Consultations

In Millburn, dental implant patients have come to Dr. Tavormina for sensational results in dental implants. Dr. Tavormina’s appreciation of each patient makes him the most sought-after dentist in the Millburn area; furthermore, his experience in dental implants is unsurpassed. To schedule a free consultation with a talented implant dentist, please contact our office. Our patients have appreciated the benefits of one competent dentist who can handle their missing tooth replacement from start to finish in one facility, and we're sure you will love that, too!



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